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"To find a delightful writer is a treat;  to find an excellent teacher is a treasure.  But to find both a capable writer and an inspiring teacher in one person is indeed rare!  I have been blessed to find this exceptional combination in Belinda Anderson.  She's been a part of my life for four years and I am the richer for it."

  --Genevieve Sowards Gillen

March, 2021
New River Community and Technical College (Greenbrier Valley Campus)

Anderson to offer March Madness writing workshop through New River CTC

Just as Alice jumped into a hole to chase that intriguing rabbit, you can learn how to entice readers to follow your characters with author Belinda Anderson at New River Community and Technical College. The title of this brand-new class is “March Madness: Down the Rabbit Hole in Pursuit of Elusive Characters.” The conference call workshop begins March 9, 2021.

The three-week writing class meets 10 a.m. on Tuesdays. “Giving people dimension is the key to successful prose,” Anderson said. “How well you portray the actors in your fiction is crucial. It’s also important in describing people in nonfiction, whether you’re writing memoir or magazine articles. The process can be both fun and touching for the writer.”

The class can be accessed with an internet conference call connection or by landline telephone – no high-speed internet is required. The hour-long conference calls will include lecture, with time for questions and participant sharing, and group e-mail follow-up as needed. Participants can create new work or apply the concepts to existing projects. The workshop is open both to beginning and more experienced writers.

Reviewers have commented on Anderson’s memorable characters in her own writing. “Belinda Anderson offers an attractive panoply of characters rich with nuance and diversity,” wrote Marc Hashman, West Virginia’s poet laureate.

“Her characters aren’t afraid to take residence in the reader’s mind and stay there,” said Gretchen Moran Laskas, author of The Midwife’s Tale.

Anderson said, “I’m excited to have the opportunity to share my experience with other writers.”
Tuition for the class is $75, and the registration deadline is Feb. 23. Participants will be emailed the conference call number and access codes after registering for the class.
For college information or to register visit or contact Gloria Kincaid (304-793-6101,