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Alderson West Virginia:
History Highlights and Tantalizing Tidbits,
Vol. 1-7

UPDATE 5/4/21
                    History Vol 8
Belinda Anderson's Alderson History series, History Highlights and Tantalizing Tidbits Volume VIII, has now been released by Alderson Main Street.  This edition “Commemorates Six Decades of West Virginia’s Largest Fourth of July Celebration.” This volume is not a traditional year-by year history but highlights the volunteers who make it all possible; some of the famous entertainers who have appeared; Queens; advertisers including “Red” Nickell; and much more.

This effort was sanctioned by the current Alderson July 4th Celebration Committee members and facilitated by President Greg Eary who provided access to his complete collection of July 4th advertising booklets.  Interviews with his father, Charles “Greg” Eary, who admits to being the “instigator” of the revival of the tradition in 1962, added tremendous first-person color.

Volume VIII is available at the Alderson Artisans Gallery when they are open on Saturdays from 10-4 as well as on-line at  or by ordering through Alderson Main Street.  The order form is on the AMS facebook page. 
“If you have ever been in Alderson during the July 4th Celebration, you will find memories in this book.” said Alderson Main Street President Judy Lohmeyer.  “Belinda has done an outstanding job of capturing the excitement of it all as well as specifically recognizing some of the many volunteers who make it all possible.”

The Committee plans to hold the annual July 4th Celebration this year.  In keeping with the tradition of not holding the parade, field events, concert, and fireworks on Sunday when the 4th falls on that day, as it does this year, those events will be held on Saturday, July 3.  Please visit their facebook page at  for the latest information. 

Learn more about the series via this video from WOAY TV 4.


Alderson History Vol 1
Why does Alderson have a leash law for lions? Who is Bricktop? What famous people have stayed at the Alderson Federal Prison Camp? Were there ever any train wrecks in Alderson? These questions and many more are answered in a series of booklets on the history of Alderson.

The series was commissioned by Alderson Main Street and written by Belinda Anderson. She did extensive research to find interesting stories about Alderson. The series holds numerous fun facts and pictures.

Alderson Main Street President Betty Thomas says that the series "has generated a lot of excitement. It presents some of Alderson's history in small bites and in a very entertaining way."

Anderson has discovered so much information and so many great stories that Alderson Main Street has continued to publish a new volume each year.

Stop by the Alderson Visitor Center to pick up a copy.

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